Thursday 22nd September

Keynote: The XSEDE Architecture – The Importance of Interoperability and the Role of Standards, Andrew Grimshaw
Thursday 22nd September, 09:00-10:30

XSEDE introduces a new approach—one that combines an emphasis on standards as well as quality attributes such as ease-of-use, reliability, extensibility, and interoperability—to satisfying user needs. Standards, a key feature of the architecture, reduce risk, exploit a diversity of software source, and extend the set of accessible resources to include    other national infrastructures. This talk presents a high-level view of   the XSEDE architecture and its realization. We begin with a discussion of the goals and design principles that drove the XSEDE architecture design  process with a particular focus on addressing the question, “why standards?”. Next, we examine the architecture in more detail through the lens of the capabilities delivered to users and the standards used to deliver them. We then discuss possibilities for standards-based interoperation with European infrastructures, as well as some known gaps  in the standards space that need to be filled. We conclude with a discussion of the deployment plan and status.

Distributed Production Cyberinfrastructure and Middleware: I [Shantenu Jha]
Thursday 22nd September, 11:00-12:30,

Venue: Rhone3, Lyon Conference Center

  • A WS-Agreement-based QoS Auditor Negotiation Mechanism for Grids
    Alisson Andrade and Alba Cristina Magalhães De Melo.
  • Mediation of Service Overhead in Service-Oriented Grid Architectures
    P-O Östberg and Erik Elmroth.
  • Mutual job submission architecture that considered workload balance among computing resources in the grid interoperation
    Kazushige Saga, Kento Aida and Kenichi Miura.

Thursday 22nd September, 12:30-14:00
Poster presentation in the Salon Pasteur

Clouds and Virtualization: I  [Andrew Grimshaw]
Thursday 22nd September, 14:00-15:30

Venue: Rhone3, Lyon Conference Center

  • Energy-Aware Ant Colony Based Workload Placement in Clouds
    Eugen Feller, Louis Rilling and Christine Morin
  • Graph-Cut Based Coscheduling Strategy towards Efficient Execution of Scientific Workflows in Collaborative Cloud Environments
    Kefeng Deng, Kaijun Ren, Junqiang Song, Dong Yuan and Jinjun Chen.
  • Optimizing Resource Consumptions in Clouds
    Ligang He.

Tools & Services, Resource Management and Runtime Environments:  I [Ramin Yahyapour]
Thursday 22nd September, 16:00-17:30

Venue: Rhone3, Lyon Conference Center

  • A Strategy to Improve Resource Utilization in Grids Based on Network-Aware Meta-Scheduling in Advance Luis Tomas, Agustin Caminero,
    Blanca Caminero and Carmen Carrion,
  • A Highly Scalable Decentralized Scheduler of Tasks with Deadlines
    Javier Celaya and Unai Arronategui.
  • Adaptive Scheduling on Power-Aware Managed Data-Centers using Machine Learning
    Josep Ll. Berral, Ricard Gavalda and Jordi Torres.

e-Research, Applications and Distributed Data-Intensive Science [Daniel S. Katz]
Thursday 22nd September, 17:30-19:00

Venue: Rhone3, Lyon Conference Center

  • Exploiting Inherent Task-Based Parallelism in Object-Oriented Programming
    Enric Tejedor, Francesc Lordan and Rosa M. Badia
  • MARIANE: MApReduce Implementation Adapted for HPC Environments
    Zacharia Fadika, Elif Dede, Madhusudhan Govindaraju and Lavanya Ramakrishnan.
  • Benchmarking MapReduce Implementations for Application Usage Scenarios
    Zacharia Fadika, Elif Dede, Madhusudhan Govindaraju and Lavanya Ramakrishnan.


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